As a partner with The Weekly Fight, a non-profit organization dedicated to turning post-traumatic stress into post-traumatic growth, we offer a FREE weekly workout to veterans, first responders, family members, and civilian supporters. All are welcome!

Next week is Bring a Friend week at Colonial CrossFit! Know someone who’s interest in CrossFit? Know someone’s who’s looking for an excellent workout option?

Are you that someone?

Bring a Friends week starts Monday and runs all week May 22-27. If you’re part of our fitness family, bring a friend with you all week. No cost. No obligation.

What if you don’t know anyone here and you want to check us out? No problem! Shoot me a DM or email at [email protected] and come as my friend for the week!

New Athletes: Discounted 1st month membership

Hope to see some new and smiling faces all week!

Who wants to join in for an exciting day of Murph and Turf? 💪🏼🍔

Mark your calendars for May 29th and come join us at 8 am for 'Murph and Turf.' We'll start the day by tackling the challenging Hero WOD, followed by a potluck to refuel.

Come and join us for this sweat and social. There will be a version of Murph suitable for everyone. So, don't miss out on this amazing opportunity. Be sure to bring your favorite dish and weight vest if you have one!


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